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DK77 series of precision CNC wire walking wire EDM machine

MajorOutstandingPerformanceIndicators:ThestructureandcastingprocessofthemainbodyofthemachineMaximumcuttingefficiency≥200mm2/minBestsurfaceroughness^Ra0.8MmX,Y,U,V,ZfiveaxisareusedinTaiwansilverlinearguideandhighprecisiondoublenutballscrewHighprecisioncutting≤±2μmContinuouscutting100,000mm2molybdenumwireloss≤0.005mmThewholemachineadoptsJapaneseimportedbearingsThewholeelectricalcomponentsareusedinGermany,JapanandotherimportedbrandsControlsystemcanX,Y,U,Vfour-axispitchcompensationandbacklashcompensation,andcompatiblewiththecurrentmarketmainstreamdriversoftware,withhandwheelpulsecontrolrunningwiretoremovetheoldtripswitchcontrol,usingcodingDirectcontrol,toachieveprecisionpositioningTheuseofwalkingwire-typeautomaticyarnstructure,withthedifferentprocessingstatus,automaticadjustmentoftheyarnstrengthofultra-lowenergyconsumption,green  ■ThemainbodyofthemachineismadeofhighrigidityHT300resinsandcasting.Themachinetoolhashighrigidityandsmallvibration■Theoverallstructureofthemachineadoptsthemainstructureofthethreadingmachine,theprecisionofthemachinerunningishighandthestabilityisgood■screwwithTaiwansilverhigh-precisiondoublenutballscrew,highoperatingaccuracy,toensurethepositioningaccuracyofthemachinerunning■Guidewithsilveronthesilverhigh-precisionlinearguide,smoothoperation,highresponsiveness■ThemainpartofthemachinetoolbearingJapanNSKbearings,highprecision,longservicelife■Machineadoptsservomotororhybridsteppingmotordrive,5axisCNC,X,Y,U,Vfour-axislinkagecutting■machineelectricalcontrolpartoftheirownresearchanddevelopment,fast,highfinish■softwarecontrolpartoftheX,Y,U,Vfour-axispitchcompensationtosolvetheproblemoflowtaperaccuracy,toachieveprecisioncuttingupanddownspecial-shapedcontrolcabinetwithpulsecontrol,controlX,Y,U,V,Z-axisfive-axismotioncontrolcabinetcanbereal-timedisplayX,Y,U,Vcoordinatesofthefour-axismovementofthecontrolcabinetcanbecompatiblewiththemainstreamofthecontrolsystem,noadditionalservocardandexpansioncard
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Major Outstanding Performance Indicators:
The structure and casting process of the main body of the machine
Maximum cutting efficiency ≥ 200mm2 / min
Best surface roughness ^ Ra0.8Mm
X, Y, U, V, Z five axis are used in Taiwan silver linear guide and high precision double nut ball screw
High precision cutting ≤ ± 2μm
Continuous cutting 100,000 mm2 molybdenum wire loss ≤ 0.005mm
The whole machine adopts Japanese imported bearings
The whole electrical components are used in Germany, Japan and other imported brands
Control system can X, Y, U, V four-axis pitch compensation and backlash compensation, and compatible with the current market mainstream driver software, with handwheel pulse control running wire to remove the old trip switch control, using coding Direct control, to achieve precision positioning
The use of walking wire-type automatic yarn structure, with the different processing status, automatic adjustment of the yarn strength of ultra-low energy consumption, green
■ The main body of the machine is made of high rigidity HT300 resin sand casting. The machine tool has high rigidity and small vibration
■ The overall structure of the machine adopts the main structure of the threading machine, the precision of the machine running is high and the stability is good
■ screw with Taiwan silver high-precision double nut ball screw, high operating accuracy, to ensure the positioning accuracy of the machine running
■ Guide with silver on the silver high-precision linear guide, smooth operation, high responsiveness
■ The main part of the machine tool bearing Japan NSK bearings, high precision, long service life
■ Machine adopts servo motor or hybrid stepping motor drive, 5 axis CNC, X, Y, U, V four-axis linkage cutting
■ machine electrical control part of their own research and development, fast, high finish
■ software control part of the X, Y, U, V four-axis pitch compensation to solve the problem of low taper accuracy, to achieve precision cutting up and down special-shaped control cabinet with pulse control, control X, Y, U, V , Z-axis five-axis motion control cabinet can be real-time display X, Y, U, V coordinates of the four-axis movement of the control cabinet can be compatible with the mainstream of the control system, no additional servo card and expansion card
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